Monday, March 30, 2009

What's the worst time to go to the gym?

5.30pm on a Monday. Forget it. Every piece of cardio (except maybe one of the clapped out recumbent bikes) was taken & the gym floor was overcrowded with towel sitters (they 'reserve' their  respective pieces of equipment with their towels so that you can't use it then swan around talking to their buddies who are doing the same!) Anyway it was my punishment for being slack yesterday morning and not waking up & doing a workout at 6am. I put on my patient hat & did a loooong warm up of back extensions, hanging leg raises (abs still sore from friday's 150 raises), overhead squats & sampson stretches. I then weaved my way through the crowds & did 2 x 10 chin ups, 2x10 dips & 3x 10 Incline DB presses with: 20lb, 25lb, 30lb.  
After that, I still had to wait for the treadmills to do some cardio. I am trying to improve on my running. I have slacked off lately, so am playing catch up again. These little legs aren't built for running (don't tell them I said that though!) so I'm going to work on that in the next few months. I need to do some outside runs, but otherwise the treadmill will do. My first little goal will be to get my pace up. So I am aiming to run 12km/hr for 12 mins. I only ran for 5mins @12, then intervalled it to 9.5 & then back up. My longer term goal will be to run @ 12 for 20mins. 

I noticed something last night. I don't go as hard when there are heaps of people around. I think I'm a bit self concious of the faces I pull when I lift heavy LOL! (My husband calls them my chipmunk face) or maybe it's afraid I will only do 4-5 reps & look sissy.....that's really bad, I shouldn't give a crap what anyone thinks! & if I do fail on 4-5 reps on a heavy weight, that's a good think - means it's going to true failure. Right, from now on I WILL grab those heavier weights that I KNOW I can lift. I don't care if I drop them on my foot or pull chipmunk faces or my face turns redder than a beetroot - I am going to pick up those 40lbers!!!

The Melb INBA comp is on this weekend. I was originally planning to compete in it, but the only flights I could get would mean 2 nights away! and since I am still breastfeeding my little girl, I couldn't bare to be away for that long. I wish they had a sparrow fart flight on Sat morning & a midnight one back - that would be perfect. It's expensive enough this competing business!! 
Anyway, I am still planning to get to the All Females in July, & if I qualify, then I will need to do some fundraising for the nationals & olympia (my dream).  
Anyone reading this doing the All females?? I'd love to hear from you - If I do compete, you will probably hear crickets in the back when I 'm on stage - Noone will probably be there that I know, LOL!!!  

Ok, enough from me. Train hard y'all 
MM xx


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