Friday, March 20, 2009

God I am Sore!!

I didn't have a great sleep - was to 'wired' to sleep. Then had an early morning wakeup from my baby daughter (4am is too early for feeding!) So of course I couldn't get back to sleep & had to get something to eat as I was FAMISHED!  Why am I sore? well I did a Friday's Filthy Fifty yesterday - just picked random exercised & did 50 reps - great cardio & Metabolic conditioning workout, but be warned, it huuuuurts. I did: 50 pushups (feet on step), 50 pop squats (anyone who's been to Jen Hendershott's Phatcamp knows about them!) 50 thrusters with 5kg med ball (butt all the way down to ball all the way overhead!) 50 jumping alternate lunges, 50 arnold presses (4kg DB's) then to finish off this insanity I did 50 burpees - the proper kind with pushup from the bottom position - My ARSE IS KILLING ME!!! But hopefully a few sessions like this & I will keep my butt from going flat while dieting. Does anyone else suffer that? My butt is round with a bit of fat on it, but it seems to deflate & look flat when I get in condition....don't even get me started on boobies - they are the first to disappear LOL! 
Well, today is my first week of clean eating phase - I have done well & have stuck to my plan. Today is going to be a cheat meal day as I am going out with the girls as it is our first time out together without our bubs & hubbies, so its fishbowl margaritas all round!! Woo hoo! 

Have a great Saturday everyone xx

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